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Step-by-Step Instructions to Install Your BestPLUS Edging

POSTED BY Taylor Casale March 5, 2024

BestPLUS recycled plastic lumber for edging offers the perfect combination of strength, stability, durability, and sustainability. By using our BestPLUS edging, you can set it and forget it as our plastic lumber is maintenance-free, waterproof, impervious to insects, and environmentally friendly.

You’ll need a drill, hammer, saw, and a shovel to properly install the plastic lumber edging. Once your materials are collected, you are good to go! Follow our guide to learn how to install our BestPLUS edging:

1. Unroll the coil to flatten out the plastic lumber.

2. Using the shovel, dig a trench around the bed of the desired area.

3. Insert the edging into the trench by tapping the board into the ground. Be sure

to leave 1-2” exposed.

4. Cut the board to fit your trench using the saw.

5. Drive 1 stake at each end of the board, and then continue to insert a stake

every 3-4 feet on the inside edge. Stakes can be driven in at the depth of your


6. Using 2 long screws, attach the stake and edging together from the outside

edge. Repeat this step for each stake placed.

7. Backfill material against edging. Tamp down lightly until desired amount is


Interested in learning more about using recycled plastic lumber for your edging projects? Visit our BestPLUS Landscaping webpage, call us at (866) 470-8475, or submit a request and we'll call you!

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