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Sustainable Solutions: Exploring BestPLUS Recycled Plastic Lumber FAQs

POSTED BY Taylor Casale March 6, 2024

Committed to sustainability, BestPLUS manufactures plastic lumber with 98% recycled materials, resulting in long-lasting and environmentally friendly solutions. In this post, we'll explore common questions surrounding our plastic lumber and its uses. Read on to discover its adaptability, learn how to work with this unique material, and gain tips to ensure your next BestPLUS project is a success!

Q: Can you use common woodworking tools with BestPLUS plastic lumber?

A: Yes. The boards can be cut, drilled, and milled just like wood. We recommend using carbide-tipped tooling whenever possible. When sawing plastic lumber, use saw blades with the minimum number of teeth (combination rip blade). Most forms of cutting are acceptable; however chain sawing of this product is not recommended.

Q: What are some of the most common uses for plastic lumber?

A: Our highly sustainable products provide long-lasting solutions for various uses in multiple markets, including landscaping, synthetic turf, concrete forming & shoring, construction, and more! Our plastic lumber is viable for both residential and commercial use such as retaining walls, garden edging, driveway edging, steps, planter boxes, and raised garden beds. To find more ideas and peruse the photo gallery, visit our Landscaping page. 

Q: Can I use BestPLUS plastic lumber for fencing?

A: Our recycled plastic lumber has been used in fencing applications. However, we would not recommend using our product for a privacy fence due to the large weight/stress on the posts. Since our plastic lumber is nonstructural, it would not be able to handle that amount of weight without slightly bending over time.

Q: Can BestPLUS plastic lumber be painted or stained?

A: No. Paint and stain will not adhere well to our material. Because of low surface porosity to penetrate, the paints and stains will sit on the surface and will flake and chip off over time. The plastic lumber is available in standard colors (and others upon special request), so painting or staining should not be necessary to achieve your desired look and design.

Q: Is plastic as strong as wood?

A: Plastic and wood are two very different substances, reacting in different ways. Plastic may bend slightly under weight that would break wood. Depending on the application, plastic may need to be uniquely supported. Contact us for more information.


Q: What is the best adhesive option to use on BestPLUS plastic lumber?

A: For support purposes only, we recommend utilizing epoxy for any adhesive use on our plastic lumber. If the lumber will be stressed or moving, a silicone-based adhesive is the ideal option. Our top choice for epoxy is JB Weld, and our recommendation for silicone-based adhesive is 3M Adhesive.

Q: What type of fasteners can be used when working with BestPLUS plastic lumber?

A: For most uses, stainless steel hardware is ideal. Since our boards have a long-expected lifetime, we suggest using a fastener that has an equally long life. We recommend deck screws with large heads:


  • #8 or #9 screws

  • Maximum of 10 threads per inch

  • #17 point (or similar) 

  • Coated (for outdoor use) or stainless steel for best longevity

  • Torx or square head (not required but recommended for cam out slippage)

  • Fully threaded if possible (not required but recommended)

  • Bugle head with self-countersinking threads at the top

​For nailing, we recommend a ring shank. Contact us if you have a question about your specific use.

Q: Where can I buy BestPLUS recycled plastic lumber?

A: BestPLUS recycled plastic lumber can be found throughout the United States. To find the closest dealer to you, visit our Where to Buy page.

BestPLUS recycled plastic lumber is not only a sustainable solution to reduce environmental impact, but also a versatile and durable alternative to traditional wood. To learn more about BestPLUS plastic lumber, visit our Resource Library.

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