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A durable, versatile, and sustainable solution for a variety of transportation needs. 


BestPLUS plastic lumber is ideal for a wide variety of truck and trailer applications, from scuff boards to rub rails and bang boards. Our plastic lumber is a cost-effective transportation solution, as it is resistant to chemicals, road salts, caustic oils & acids. With increased strength and durability, our plastic lumber products out perform wood or wood-composite products in many applications.

BestPLUS is proud to present recycled plastic lumber as a green and sustainable solution for the transportation industry.

Product Uses

Scuff Boards

Trailer Liners

Rub Rails

Front Boards


Cap/Bang Boards

Frame Rail Slats

Nailer Boards


Sleeper Boards

Features & Benefits

High strength & durable

Made with recycled HDPE plastic

Non-corrosive to steel & aluminum


Stable pricing & supply

Resistant to chemicals, road salts, caustic oils & acids

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