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A sustainable solution for synthetic turf installation.


BestPLUS nailer boards for synthetic grass installation offer the perfect combination of strength, stability, durability, and sustainability.


Unlike wood, our recycled plastic material system offers unmatched fastener retention and is resistant to moisture and chemicals. With a similar expansion and contraction rate to nylon, our blend of HDPE plastic will reduce the long term stress on turf, extending the life for your product.

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Available in many standard and custom lengths.

Standard color: Black. Other colors available on request.

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Helping Create a Circular Economy for Artificial Turf


GreenBoard  is a full line of 1x and 2x turf nailer boards made with a minimum of 40%

recycled artificial turf. With multiple sizes available for different installation methods, our GreenBoard   nailer board provides flexibility for curved edges while maintaining high strength and durability. 



Why GreenBoard  ?

1x2 Turf Green C U Square & Eased 1347 (WHITE) - Square.jpg
1x4 Turf Green C U Eased 1365 (WHITE) - Square.jpg
2x6 Turf Green C U Eased 1286 (WHITE) - Square 3.jpg
  • Made in the USA with 98% recycled plastic (at least 40% from recycled artificial turf

  • Multiple sizes available for different installation methods

  • Flexible for curved edges

  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly

  • Will not rot or decay

  • Water resistant

  • Impervious to insects

  • Superior screw, staple & nail retention

  • High strength & durability

  • No splinters or cracking

  • 15-year limited warranty

  • Supporting industry sustainability efforts

  • Turf recycling programs available

  • Qualifies for LEED® points


Features & Benefits


High strength & durable

No splinters or cracking

Impervious to all insects

Compatible with most equipment and tools

Environmentally friendly

No sealants required

Nonporous surface will not harbor bacteria from animal waste

Flexible material contours to unique designs

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