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Add Style & Sustainability to Your Landscape with Low-Maintenance Recycled Plastic Lumber

Get ready to be surprised at all you can do with recycled plastic lumber, or as we call them in the landscaping industry, "plastic landscape timbers!" Tired of replacing rotted, faded or insect-infested wood? Recycled plastic landscape timbers from BestPLUS provide sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective alternatives that look great for decades with little-to-no maintenance.

Retaining Walls with Recycled Plastic Landscape Timbers

BestPLUS plastic landscape timbers made with 98% recycled plastic are perfect for building sustainable, long-lasting retaining walls for ground contact applications. Plastic lumber is as easy to work with as wood. You can use similar cutting tools (carbide tips recommended) and hardware to shape your timbers just the way you want.

Outdoor Steps & Walkways with Recycled Plastic Landscape Timbers

Take a look at these awesome steps and stairways made with different sizes and colors of BestPLUS recycled plastic landscape timbers! More and more landscapers are using recycled plastic lumber for new installations and replacement of old wood installations. While plastic timbers may cost more than some wood timbers, they last much longer, look great much longer, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Raised Garden Beds with Recycled Plastic Landscape Timbers

Spend more time maintaining your garden and less time maintaining the wood in your garden beds. Design and build raised garden beds quickly and easily with BestPLUS recycled plastic lumber.

Garden Edging & Borders with Recycled Plastic Landscape Timbers

Add curb appeal with recycled plastic lumber for garden edging and borders. Check out these creative ways to use different sizes, shapes, colors, and orientations to make your gardens pop.

Bocce Court Borders with Recycled Landscape Timbers

With bocce popularity growing, more landscapers are adding bocce courts to home and community landscapes. Many sustainability-minded landscapers are using BestPLUS 6"x6" recycled plastic landscape timbers to border their bocce courts. Available in black or brown, they look great and last for decades.

Compost Bins Made with Recycled Plastic Lumber

Want to help protect the environment by adding a compost bin? Be even more green by building your compost bin with 98% recycled plastic lumber from BestPLUS. Here's a great design using black 6"x6" plastic landscape timbers from one of our customers.

Indoor & Outdoor Planters Made with Recycled Plastic Lumber

Show off your do-it-yourself skills and build your own planters with recycled plastic lumber. Get creative with different styles and shapes. BestPLUS offers a variety of plastic lumber profiles to make just about any planter concept you can think of.

Bike Racks Made with Recycled Plastic Lumber

Yes, you can even be sustainable making a new bike rack! Here's one that used our brown 4x4's and 2x4's to build the bike rack support structure.

Inspired? Want to learn more about using recycled plastic lumber for your landscaping projects? Visit our BestPLUS Landscaping webpage, call us at 1-844-200-BEST (2378), or submit a request and we'll call you.

Also, we would love to hear about other great ideas on how to use recycled plastic lumber! Send us a note, or even better, send us photos of your own landscaping projects using BestPLUS recylced plastic lumber.

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Bryan G
Bryan G
Oct 07, 2023

I wonder if these can be used as fence post?I want to use them to build a horizontal fence.


James Murgolo
James Murgolo
Apr 09, 2022

This stuff is great. Used it for stairs beside my house. But I can't find it anywhere anymore. Is it still for sale?


Jul 25, 2020

I would like to replace my old 6x6 treated mailbox post with your 6x6 timber. What is the sher strength in that application. We have snowplows here in MN

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