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Pallets made with BestPLUS recycled plastic lumber are sustainable, durable and cost effective alternatives to standard wooden pallets.

The life cycle of a plastic lumber pallet is typically 10X that of wooden pallets (compared to NWPA wooden pallet rating of average 1.5 trips). Ideal for life science, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. 

There's no splintering or breaking, which means no contamination, wood dust particles, or health and safety hazards. No infestation or harboring of microorganisms: for use in all operations. The plastic lumber is also resistant to all chemicals, acids, corrosives, and is impervious to liquids. 



Will not rot or decay

High strength & durable

No splinters or cracking

Compatible with most equipment and tools

Does not absorb or leach toxic chemicals

Pallets made with BestPLUS Plastic Lumber

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