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Recycled Plastic Lumber. Sustainable. Highly Durable.

Lasts Decades With Little to No Maintenance.

Recycled Plastic Lumber. Sustainable. Highly Durable.

Lasts Decades With Little to No Maintenance.

Environmentally friendly and durable...

Made just for YOU! 

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What is BestPLUS?

Best Plastic Lumber U.S. (BestPLUS), a sustainable plastic lumber manufacturer, provides durable, low-maintenance lumber to a range of industries. We manufacture utility-grade lumber from recycled plastic for use as construction products, landscape timbers, speed bumps, park benches and more. Order to your specifications or purchase our in-stock, ready-to-go lumber for fast arrival. 

Common Uses

6x6 Black Retaining Wall 1 v1.jpg

Retaining Walls

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Walkway & Driveway Edges

2x4 Brown Raised Garden Beds 3.jpg

Raised Beds

6x6 Brown Steps 2.jpg

Outdoor Steps

About BestPLUS

BestPLUS Plastic Lumber, located in Jeannette, PA, manufactures plastic lumber from 98% recycled plastic. We offer sustainable, long lasting and affordable plastic lumber for retaining walls, landscape edging, raised garden beds, planters, outdoor steps, walkways, posts, fences, synthetic turf nailer boards, concrete forming nailer boards, truck & trailer scuff boards, dunnage, cribbing, benches, tables, and many more applications in various markets.

Why BestPLUS?

Fast Delivery

In stock and ready to ship, you’ll receive our product faster than any of our competitors.


Making our product from recycled material lets us sell to you at a reduced price, giving you the best value for your dollar


We produce our lumber from recycled plastic. Our process saves energy, cuts emissions and extends the lifecycle of plastic.


We offer a variety of colors and sizes; see our product and pricing page for more details.


Contact Us

1092 Claridge-Elliot Rd

Jeannette, PA 15644


(866) 439-1965

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1092 Claridge-Elliot Rd

Jeannette, PA 15644


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