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Durable and sustainable nailer strips for a variety of concrete forming and shoring beams.

BestPLUS nailer strips provide cost-effective strength, durability, nail retention, and stability.

Unlike wood, our recycled plastic nailer strips do not easily crack, and they self-heal after nail removal. They hold nails in hot and cold weather without shrinking, swelling, or warping.

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Superior nail retention & gripping

No sealants required

No special equipment needed to cut or drill

Heavy-duty strength & durability

Impervious to insects

Fits most beams, joists & stringers


Nonporous surface will not harbor bacteria

No rotting, decay, cracking, or splitting

BestPLUS Nailer Boards in Concrete Forming & Shoring

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Flexible Concrete Forming Solutions

CONform™ is a reusable, flexible concrete form that can be used in place of conventional forms. CONform is made from polyolefins, a type of flexible plastic that gives you the ability to create bends and curves in a fraction of the time it takes using wooden forms. Its durability will allow for 100 installations from a single roll, without the use of any form release agent, saving you time and money. Once the concrete is set, the 50-foot form strips away clean and can be recoiled for easy storage.

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Why CONform?

  • Cost (labor) saving

    • Quick setup

    • Easy cleanup with no form release agents required

    • Quick removal and easy storage

  • Ability to reuse multiple times

    • Lower per-use costs

    • Lower refuse costs. No damaged forms.

  • Clean lines eliminate rework

    • No sticking

    • No feathering

    • Less blowout

  • Environmentally friendly

    • Manufactured from recycled plastic

    • Recyclable (if ever necessary)

Why CONform?

Labor Costs

Material Costs

Clean-Up Costs

Installation Costs

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